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Good news, good coffee...

After sitting at Cafe Rouge for about what seems forever, my mumma and I have talked over about a few things and I'm so excited for the big move! 
First of all, at the moment we are selling our apartment to move into a bigger house to I can have my own walk in closet/office/storage room for my brand. Yes, Im really taking my brand to the next level, my mum is pretty much going to invest in my line and production will go ahead when I visit thailand and the manufactures over there. Im super stoked about that! Next thing, is that the thought of getting my black pug is coming true! Casually asked my mother this morning if I could get one when we moved and she said yes, if only i clean up after it and finally learn to drive. So look out for a new family member in a couple of months! 
Another thing about thailand, Im hopefully getting my veneers there, so thank fuck my teeth will be perfect, I'll be hitting the gym everyday and the tattoo parlour of course! And yeah, after showing my mum photos of Bora Bora, she decided she wants to go, so thats a possible holiday after thailand too! Everything is really coming together, I'm at a point in my life where everything is getting there and I'm happy. Big part goes to my boy as well, who has left me to go on holiday :( I miss him, but I gotta get my head into work and get everything sorted! So yeah, quick update, and until next time!