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Yanin Namasonthi5 Comments

So I've recently been receiving a lot of questions lately from tumblr and thought I'd answer some on here!

How did you get so many followers?
People just started taking an interest in my blog and started to reblog photos of myself and my outfits.

Are you naturally skinny? Or do you work out and eat healthy?
Thank you, I guess I am quite but when I eat a lot my tummy does go out of shape and expand. If I want my small tummy back I gotta eat healthy and lightly for the next few days. I try to eat healthy as much as possible.

What are some of your favourite stores?
Asos, topshop, Kooples, cheap monday, urban outfitters, pull & bear and vintage stores of course!

Your style is really wonderful, keep doing your thing :)
Thanks! Means a lot!

How do you tattoo yourself?
With a tattoo gun, gloves, green soap and a whole load of concentration!

How old are you turning on your birthday?
18 years old.

The outfit you wore for fashion week, where did you get the bag from?

Where is your really thin silver necklace from?

How old are you and do you go to school?
Im 17 years old and no I do not attend college anymore

You're so gorgeous! How do you afford all these clothes?
Thank you :) I mostly sell the clothes I get bored of, its like recycling in a way :)

Where is the pink bralette from?

How do you get the confidence to wear the clothes that you do?
I just dont care about what people think or may think. I just choose to do what makes me happy.

What do you use to edit your photos? The one with the mirror imaging?
Imac photobooth :)

What do you think of nike blazers?
I like them but when alot of people are wearing them I dont like them as much

How would you go about styling a yellow/green pop-color turtleneck? I bought it as my only non-neutral color and am having much trouble styling it, as it is totally out of my usual comfort-zone. Your input would be great, seeing that you're outfit-theory is so well put together. Thank you!
With a denim circle skirt, glitter socks and some chunky white wedges would look beautiful!

Would you ever get a septum or a normal nose piercing?
Yes totally, been wanting a nose ring for a while now :)

If you guys have anymore questions you would like to ask them post a comment below and I'll make another post!