Outfit recap of the past week

Yanin Namasonthi3 Comments
Seriously need to update this more often! But yes, anyways, great news to announce to everyone. My house has finally sold and I will be moving in January. Followed by celebrating my sisters birthday in the sun in Thailand. And since my house is sold, from Jan I will have the funds to start my line ect. Which I am super excited about. I don't want to reveal too much yet as I still don't know which direction I want to go for but expect some rock n roll edginess and leather! I am super excited and will keep you guys updated! Im also planning a Paris for me and my boyfriend in May so hopefully we get to go and experience the fashion an street style and vibe out there. But yes, here are some of my past week outfits taken through my imac.


Neon pink bra from topshop

Sisters polo top with metallic nails from topshop in eclipse!

Cant wait for my hair to grow to this length

New tattoo: 'Love child'

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