Life update :)

Yanin NamasonthiComment
Hey ghouls & goblins, so last friday [the 18th] I finally moved house! Was a total stress day as that was when the snow/blizzard went HAM! Was nuts! But got everything sorted and Im in the process of decorating my bedroom and living room at the moment and will post photos when it is all finished! Which hopefully shouldn't be too long! But yes, I will start doing more posts and I now have a mac book pro and will be taking it everywhere with me and I'll always have my phone which is a wi-fi outlet too! But yeah, quick update and thought I would do it through instagram photos. For those who still have yet to follow me, my insta is: @prettysickly [ also same as my twitter! ;)]
Hope you guys have had a great start to the new year so far and have enjoyed the snow! Love you all!

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