New pieces & outfits I've been wearing lately

Yanin Namasonthi5 Comments
So, I have been in and out of Reading and ordering some pieces online and finally put them together in outfits to show you guys. I hope you like them! Leave a comment if you love or hate them!

New piece [1]
Zaras take on the Jil Sanders bag
I have been dieing for a bag like this for ages now and always CBA to make one myself. Thank god that Zara finally has one out and Im in love with it so much. At a bargain price of £19.99, how could you say no? I've been wearing it with pretty much most of my outfits and this truely will never leave my wardrobe.

New piece [2] - Blue valley leather jacket
This gorgeous blue valley jacket I picked up in the ASOS sale for £67 was a bargain! I've been needing a good leather jacket for so so long and this one is perfect. I ordered a size 8 as it looks a bit loose on the model and the fit is utter fab. 

New piece [3] - Monki blouse/shirt
Since I'm very into white shirts/blouses and have a thing for having to find the perfect cut, material and fit, when I saw this shirt in Monki for £25 I was in love and so happy. Its been a long time that I have been searching for a great white shirt and this one came with little alphabets and 'love' fonts all over which is a bonus. 

NewISH piece [4] - Topshop coat
So about 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon this beautiful coat in topshop sales. Even though the only size left was a size 10 I still bought it and what a great decision that was! Its so comfty and keeps me so warm.