Yanin NamasonthiComment
So I went shopping yesterday before seeing DIE HARD [ which was decent I guess ], and me and Oliver went to have a look in REISS. The womens section there isnt that great but I did find a hologramy textured green blouse which I was going to pick up but there was only a size 6 or 14 and I wanted a size 10 so have it kinda loose but not baggy so I didn;t end up buying it in the end. 
But what I did end up buying is this gorgeous green fedora hat [from the mens section] - as I love menswear and already do have many items which are mens. 
Even though this hat is abit of a big fit on my head I love how sutle and classic this piece is. I think I should invest in more hats.

Fedora - REISS
Name of style- Ollie