Pre-shooting shopping

Yanin Namasonthi6 Comments
So, how can I go to London and not buy a single thing? I can't. Yes, the stores on carnaby street makes my heart melt and my bank dry up as fast as those slushies on a hot ass summer day. 
I finally got to go to & Other stories and this is my new favourite store in London for sure. I only however, managed to only look at the beauty section and found some treats there.
Then it was into urban outfitters where I picked up this metal worn out tee in the sale! Last but not least, monki, since I dont own a denim shirt, I picked this one, with holes in it. Cause its hobo-ness appealed to me. I'm weird like that. But I love it.
Think Im popping in again on friday so I'm happy, but I wont be going crazy and spending a lot more money.