Soap & Glory extreme eyeliner pen

Yanin Namasonthi5 Comments
So I've been asked to do a review of an eye liner and this is the only one I got and recently purchased.
My eyes are sensitive so I can't really wear much eye shadow, liner or anything along the lines but this one isnt that irritating and I wont be wearing it everyday. First of all, the packing...thats what got me drawn to it and all of soap and glory packing are beautiful! Makes me not want to throw it away!
Secondly, this is my first time using a liquid eye liner and by far I'm very happy with it than a regular crayon eye liner stick. This has a felt tip kinda touch and makes doing wings so much easier and you have more control. It drys pretty much instantly too and comes off easily. And true to the description, it is 'carbon black' and has a glossy finish. I also picked it up for £5! Bargain!
I would give this product a 8/10