Lunch nibbles

Yanin Namasonthi3 Comments
Many of you guys are really interested in what I eat so I thought that I will be posting up some of the things I make at home!
After I vaguely remember something about courgettes on Jamies 30 minute meals I decided to risk it and took and chance and added my own spin to it! I cooked up some plain courgettes sprinkled with the basic salt and pepper, and some basil herbs. And to finish with a balsamic glaze as a dipping sauce but thats optional! I also used a garlic infused oil to give the courgettes some more flavour! For the first time on top of my head kinda moment they came out really well and were so yummy I wanted to make more!
Plus the courgettes are super low in fat [I know the oils I used will add to it] but at the end of the day, its a healthy, easy and quick recipe to wip up! These would go great as a side to a chicken or fish dish too! 
You can also use aubergines and maybe carrots too, just experiment.