Homemade glitter nail polish

Yanin Namasonthi2 Comments
A quick way to make your own glitter polish!
I ordered some fine glitter off ebay for a shoot Im thinking of doing soon but theres actually quite a lot so I thought I'd make a polish! This was from ebay, 20g and was under £2!
I have like 3 clear polishes around my desk so I mixed the 2 together, depending on how much you want the glitter to stand on your nail is how much you put in! I put about 1/3 of the bag in mine and it turned out pretty good! I also made a lil cone to make sure when I poured the glitter in the polish it didnt go everywhere! I then just taped it and cut the end off.
Its so simple yet so stylish! Try mixing different colours and maybe size of glitter!