Bohemian vibes

Yanin Namasonthi12 Comments
So I got sent these lovely trousers from Angle eye brand and this motel rocks dress which I wore as a top in this outfit.
Can't wait to wear this when Im back in thailand in december as its so so breezy and the pants are just perfect!
The dress I got in a size xs and its still on the motel rocks website. Oh also dont forget that you can get 20% off motel with the code word 'psickly' at check out!

But yeah I'm a sucker for any bohemian styling and to be honest it would be better if I had long hair that I could plait with of some sort with flowers and ribbon.I also would of styled this with some fur of some sort but at the momento I just don't have some :( [yet!]

Sorry the photos aren't that great either, I don't live in a place where theres a lot of white walls or just plain backgrounds.

Top/dress - Motel Rocks
Trousers - Angle eye
Shoes - Thailand market
Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - ebay, H&M, delilah dust