Yanin Namasonthi12 Comments

Today I was feeling umber lazy and very tired [it doesn't also help that my throat is playing tricks on me again - hope its ok and not infected…yet again…] so I just put on some mom jeans that I got a while ago and some boots from Choies on. Yes - I did wear this top to bed, how can I not? Ever since I got it yesterday it hasn't left my body. Im not the kind of girl to have the 'boyfriend' slogans or some random relation crap text on my clothing but I actually couldn't resist this one from Molly LA clothing! Thank you for sending it to me! Its super soft and comfy - which is everything I need in this shitty weather England has to offer.

Top - Molly LA
Jeans - Topshop
Rings - H&M and ebay
Belt - ASOS
Boots - Choies