Midori x Models Own

Yanin Namasonthi3 Comments

-This is a review post with a product that has been sent to me-

Midori melon liqueur has teamed up with Models Own to create a limited edition set of melon scented nail varnishes in three glam shades of green.
The three Midori inspired shades are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to a night in or night out during the dreary winter months ahead. What’s more, the varnishes are melon scented, making every manicure smell as good as a Midori cocktail tastes. 
The set includes a bright My Midori green, a golden metallic green and a glittery combination of greens and blues meaning there’s a shade for any occasion.
Midori, which literally means ‘green’ in Japanese, is made from premium melons prized for their juiciness and fresh and vibrant taste.  The liqueur is vibrant, versatile and easy to drink making it the perfect cocktail ingredient to create cocktails with a twist that you can mix up at home or enjoy in some of the best bars up and down the country. It also makes delicious drinks simply mixed with juices and soft drinks.   
The limited edition My Midori Models Own set will retail at £15 from 

My review -
First of all, the Models own polishes are naturally good in how they glide onto the nails, and how the colour is vibrant and do not chip after a couple of hours like some do. And to add to the smell of the polish this pack had - the Midori melon surprised me so much! I have a cold so couldn't smell much but could smell these and I just wanted to eat/drink it! [don't worry, I didn't]

Anyways, with the sequinned bottle, it such a lovely extra to add on top of the other nail varnishes, here I have topped it with the metallic rusty green colour, I have another like this from Topshop but the quality isn't the same as the Models Own. 

I'm also looking forward to be wearing the neon green colour polish on holiday too next month!

Let me know if you guys have gone and grabbed the pack! Leave me the links on your product review and photos if you have taken any! I would love to see how creative you guys get!