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Yanin Namasonthi6 Comments
Hey guys! So I don't normally do products reviews but THE HUT contacted me to ask if I would like to select 4 products and try them out! I love trying out new beauty stuff even though I'm not into it that much, I couldn't resist!So the products I chose was L'OREAL elvive oil mist, KORRES lip butter stick, L'OREAL intense red lipstick and a Butter london nail polish!

So the first thing I tested out was the KORRES lip butter stick. I've been looking to try out a KORRES product for a long time now, what caught my eye was the packaging and how it was presented. So I was eager to try out this lip butter stick, it's actually made my lips ultra soft and moisturised and sustains it for longer than most of the other lip balms I've tried out. If you are looking for a moisture lock lip balm then this is the one for you. I also liked the smell of it, is that strange? To me, if a product doesn't smell good then it instantly puts me off. 

I also tested out the oil mist from L'OREAL when I finished dyeing my hair, I applied it when my hair was towel dried and before blow drying, and of course, after I did the blow dry. It just makes my hair feel so nourished and shiny, which is great as I just bleached my hair and didn't want my hair to look super dry. It really is light weight and I've never used a product like this before and was rather pleased and how it worked on my hair.

So the next product was the L'OREAL intense lip colour. I've been looking for a good red lipstick for a while now but have been too lazy to colour my hand with testers at boots, so when I saw this online I though, yeah…just go for it! It turns out then this was a pretty good move. I haven't come across a lipstick that glides on like this one ever so elegantly and it really is intense! The colour and moisture I mean. When I wear this out and about it doesn't dry my lips at all so I don't have to keep applying, perfect for when I'm on the go.

Last thing is the nail colour from BUTTER LONDON, I've never tried out BUTTER but always wanted to. I choose the shade 'Lady muck' - its sort of a light duck blue but it really reminds me of ice for some reason. I think it's the shimmer that is mixed in with the colour. Again, shown in the photo the colour really is a light and basic colour, perfect if you're not a girly girl like me, its still feminine but not too over powering. I applied 2 coats and was happy with that, the brush and consistency was good too and I think that I will be looking into more of the shades that they do. I have a thing for nail polish, I'm kind of a nail polish hoarder, so trying this out and liking it just doesn't help me with my love for them as I now will go and look at what else they have to offer. Plus, for £8.10 why not try it?!

So thank you very much THE HUT for introducing to these brands and products! Can't wait to see what else these brands will have, will have to go and see the colour pallets very soon. As for now, if you guys would like to try or buy these products, click on the links below and it will take you to their site and you can purchase them! 

L'OREAL oil mist - HERE 
L'OREAL intense red lipstick - HERE 
KORRES lip butter stick - HERE