Motel rocks X Fujifilm Festival styling

Yanin Namasonthi13 Comments

Halter top - Motel Rocks | Skirt - Motel Rocks | Shoes - Converse | Bag - GRAFEA | Sunnies - QUAY

So I've been sent messages a lot lately on what I would wear to a festival and here is the answer! (Well one of them!) I should hopefully will be uploading more festival inspo soon gradually! So keep an eye out.
Here, I partnered up with MotelRocks and Fuji Film with the instal mini to style up some pieces! I chose this swimsuit which has such a rad design to wear as a normal halter neck top and this red printed skater skirt to compliment the red in the halter. Piecing it all together with my white backpack from GRAFEA which I've bought with me to Florida and obvs... my converses! I have always worn either wellies or converses to festivals and really would not leave the house in them. The shots that I took with the Fuji Instax mini I tried to show you the details and and how vibrant the colours are in the pieces and I think it worked so well with the yellow wall that is just right outside my apartment :)
The fuji instal mini is also perfect to take to festivals as it's very small and handy to put in a backpack. I have the instal wide but it really is too heavy and big to lug around all day when all you want to do is dance and walk a lot around the site.
Let me know what you guys think!