Dark Pink

Yanin Namasonthi42 Comments

Two piece - Dark Pink | Shoes - Zara

Jeans - Topshop | Loafers - Chanel | Leather jacket - AllSaints | Sunnies - Accessoryo
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 Indian ring - Shantique designs | 'B' ring - Astrid & Miyu | Bone rings - Bloody mary metal

So this colourful two piece from DARK PINK, I thought would be perfect to wear to a BBQ, christening, wedding or even a work do! Its cut make the two piece really clean and dressy but as you can see, I've also paired the crop with ripped jean and a leather jacket to dress it down. There's so many ways to style this outfit, even if you just use either the shorts or the top.
Let me know your thoughts on this outfit or how you would style it differently!