Michelle Keegan X Lipsy collection launch!

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So I was invited along to the Michelle Keegan X Lipsy event last night in London and it was such a lovely evening! A night off from my puppy (who I missed a lot!) to spend some time with Oliver and some beaut bloggers!
I defiantly had to attend and check out everything! I had a snippet and let me say that the collection is very sophisticated, elegant and classic. Filled with lots of pieces that you can transition from day to night, something that really fits into the busy lifestyle that some or most women have. Never the less, I can say that some of the pieces you can even wear to sixth form or an interview! The range is so effortless that it really indicates and transitions into so many styles. I sat down with Michelle to have a chat and asked her a few questions about her collection! 
Read on to find out more!

What drew you to do a collaboration with Lipsy?
Well I've always been a Lipsy, I've worn Lipsy dresses on Corrie and  I love fashion. So when Lipsy approached me, I jumped at the chance! I wanted to be really involved and design something I would want to wear.

What was your favourite part of the whole process? You mentioned designing?
Designing definitely and seeing the whole collection coming together.You see the label with your name on it. From a vision in my mind to something that comes to life; seeing the finishing product.

I'm going to be involved with a designing project this year as well, what advice would you give me?
Just be passionate about it. I think if you have that then you will just know what you want things to be like and how they would come out! I think you have to design things that you would wear yourself.

What's your favourite piece from the collection?
It's difficult cause I love them all, I think the white two piece. I think it's quite cool and got a bit of an edge to it. I also love the brown mac, it's great for this season.

What do you think is the most versatile piece?
Probably the tux suit, I can see someone wearing it to work then change over to heels and go out with the girls!

•Make sure you check out the collection here: 

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Let me know what you guys think of the collection and link me to your posts if you have purchased a piece and styled it!