'Gig goer' with H&M Grey Girl collection

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So! Super exciting news, for this post I'm actually collaborating with H&M to bring you guys an outfit that is perfect to for attending a music event or gig!
These are my safe go to options as I don't dance around much or get involved with mosh pits. So here's the first one is for a really laid back atmosphere...



 The simple jeans an a tee look is really make fave for everything. It's easy to throw on and doesn't involve much. I've picked up this simple v neck tee from the Grey Girl collection. I love that the back is lower than the front as it gives it a twist on the casual t shirt. I've just also tucked mine into the super stretchy jeans as well to elongate my body as I'm quite tiny. This is also another reason why I opted for the boots, the heel isn't too high as well so it's super comfy to go out in and stand around.
I thought I would go for the jeans with a rip, as I've worn my black ripped jeans like a million times and they really do make the outfit just a little bit extra comfier.  I've rolled them up here as I'm petite but it kinda looks pretty rad!
Oh & of course, you gotta bring a small but decent sized side bag too, for your phone, gum and other essentials. This one below is my trusty H&M bag which is my best bargain yet to date!

 Next I threw on a leather jacket and I'm good to go! 



With this second outfit, again went for something super casual but my coat really stepped things up. I kept the white tee from the previous outfit and just added a leather skirt. Something about music & leather really go together. I've opted for boots this time but still with a platform so I don't have to stand on my tip toes all the time. If you wanted to wear platform heels, then go ahead! Just not down the fact that your feet might hate you after! I threw on this duster coat too with the fur collar. It reminds me of Miss Penny Lane. If you haven't seen 'Almost Famous' then...just go see it. You'll know what I mean. I guess this is kind of a darker version of her though. Which I think is perfect for a gig night and maybe head for drinks after!

Read on the H&M tumblr too!

What I'm wearing:
So the H&M pieces: White tee, leather skirt and skinnies are available now in stores and online!
Fur coat - Topshop
Platform boots - StoneFox
Buckle boots - Zara
Leather jacket - AllSaints