Mysterious child

Yanin Namasonthi29 Comments

Sweater - Choies | Shoes - Choies | Trousers - Topshop | Fedora - Missguided


Really fell in love with my neoprene sweater when I saw it on choies. I've also been making small orders through out the month and all have turned up on my door a couple of days ago so expect a choies haul video soon!

I got the shoes from Choies as well, these are the exact dupes for the Saint Laurent ones and I've been eyeing them up for a wile ever since I saw Nicole Richie pair them with everything. They are really good quality too and does have 'Saint Laurent Paris' on the bottom but the Saint Lauren was unfortunately rubbed off.

Thought I'd go for the dupes and not splurge on the real pair as I didn't know if I would wear them as much! Totes a good way to 'test' out a piece I think!

Let me know what you guys think of this outfit and if you have been eyeing anything up on choies at the moment!