H&M Student collection - College/Uni look

Yanin Namasonthi17 Comments

Hey guys! Another H&M collection post. Today I wanted to introduce you to the H&M DIVIDED collection, perfect for students. Even though H&M is already pretty affordable to students and have a lot of awesome deals on, the pieces from DIVIDED are based around fashion and comfort for your busy days. All items (apart from the bag) are from H&M DIVIDED!

I don't go to university myself but have already gone to college, so I wanted to style an outfit that is fitting for both. I wanted something that's smart casual and interchangeable. Which means (if you guys don't know already) where you can mix and match another item into the mix. I'll give some examples of these later on in the post.

Starting off with the top half. I've gone for some layers, thin layers so you don't get too hot. I've first put on a navy loose vest, then layered on the white shirt and finishing it off with this grey mix knit cropped sweater. What I love about this sweater is how comfy, warm and lightweight it is. So you can deffo take it off & tie it around your waist if you are getting a bit hot. I kept the colour palette pretty simple, no bold prints or bright colours. I find that wearing these colour is super easy to mix and match.

Moving onto the jeans, I picked up this pair from H&M for only £14.99! Even better that the quality will last you for a good time period and the fit is so flattering! They also have an offer on at the moment where you can buy one pair and get another for free! So definitely take advantage of it!

I went with black, as again you can pair it with other pieces and it goes with EVERYTHING! In your university or college wardrobe you should definitely invest or choose pieces that will go with a lot. Invest in the garments that are going to carry you through the years.

To go with the jeans and sticking with the comfort aesthetic of the outfit, I opted for slip ons. You can also however, pair with basic flats, sneakers or boots if you wanted to wear some heels for the day!

These slip ons are a bit different than some others that I have seen. These ones kinda look like fur but it's kinda more on the fluffy side. They were also a saviour at LFW! I was wearing heels all day and Oli picked the slip ons out for me and they ended up being super comfy. Think these have over taken my love for my mesh slip ons. The texture of these really adds an element of smart modern to the outfit.

Oh & don't forget the bag! Here I've just paired it with an oversized bag to be able to fit all the books and notes in for the classes. Oh & a laptop if you guys take one. H&M DIVIDED also provides some awesome back packs too if you are wanting to switch things up a bit! Just make sure it's a decent sized bag and everything fits!

Right, last thing! H&M are also doing a student discount. This only works in store and all you have to do is show your UNiDAYS iD on the app at check out for 20% off! This is valid till the 5th October 2014!