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Dungaree - Lazy Oaf | Sunnies - ASOS | Vans - Urban outfitters | Choker - Lamoda UK 
White tee - ASOS | Lip liner - Urban Decay | Wig - Ebay | Beanie - Ebay


Happy halloween guys! This is something super last minute that I threw together as I wanted to do a halloween outfit post. I just pulled together what I had (minus the wig; I bought that off ebay for like £2.39!) and decided to be Mathilda from 'The Professional'. If you guys haven't seen this movie then I suggest you go watch it!

So Mathilda is a girl who seeks revenge on a gangster who killed her family, with the help of a hit man, who happens to live next door and takes her in.

I decided to go for his wig, which initially was meant to be for a 'Mrs.Mia Wallace' look but the wig was too short I quickly changed my mind. I started off with my make up, really natural and used a red  lip pencil to draw and smudge myself a bloody nose. With my outfit, I wanted to wear some type of dungarees, I swear she wears some sort in the film, not too sure but thats what I had in mind. This cute cat one is from Lazy Oaf and arrived yesterday, just in time. Thank you Lazy Oaf for this little number which works perfectly!

A large white tee to pair underneath and her signature choker. This one is from Lamoda UK, Mathilda's is more of a velvet thick band one but this is what I only hand around.

She also has these cool round glasses, kinda Ray Ban like but I didn't have those either, the next best thing was this circle frame ones I picked up in the ASOS sale for £7!

To finish it off, you can carry around a potted plant, a teddy or a gun. I only had the teddy around so opted for that.

And voila! A Mathilda outfit/costume that you can work easily into your everyday wardrobe! Minus the bloody nose of course!