90's Baby

Yanin Namasonthi23 Comments

Halter - Dark Pink | Thin gold choker - Urban Outfitters | Plant necklace - Lazy Oaf 
Slacks - ASOS | Sneakers - ASOS


 So here's part two of how I style my slacks. The theme of a sport lux 90's vibe really made it's presence whilst I styled this outfit. I'm super in love with this blush pink halter & have been for the longest time. It's from DARK PINK and if you guys didn't know about them already, you should deffo check them out! You may have seen me wear some of their pieces before as well!

I really fell in love with the two colour pallettes and how they compliment each other. Pairing a thin gold chain also pulls this look back to the UK 90's vibe I think, them days when Blazin' Squad was the shit.  With the white trainers and straight(isn) hair.

This tailored yet undone look has to be one of my faves of the year so far. Is it yours? If not, what has been your fave? Let me know down below!