Mesh Match

Yanin Namasonthi24 Comments

Disclaimer: This outfit was gifted to me from AllSaints, Public Desire & FSHNBNKR

AllSaints leather jacket | Public desire heels | Mesh 2 piece


Love finding myself drawn to basic two pieces but with a little bit of extra detail. This one is made out of mesh and scuba material, which I haven't seen around before. 
What I love most about this two piece is the top, it acts and looks more like a bra and I can wear this on it's own without feeling so conscious. For a piece like this, I thought you would have to have a bit more meat on the bones to pull it off really well, I was kinda right but I still love how it fits on my body. With my wide hips it stretches out really well and hugs in at the right places. 

Pairing it with my new fluffy heels also mixes in more texture and adds a more fun element into the outfit. They are also super comfy, which is a plus. Oh, and very clueless. Double plus.