Outfit easy with Little Dragon at the O2 Academy Oxford

Yanin Namasonthi4 Comments

So a few weeks ago, I was invited down to the O2 Academy Oxford (Thanks so much guys!) with Tasha to see Little Dragon! I haven't heard of their music before so was really intrigued by seeing them live. The atmosphere was really great and the crowd really had such energy that it was bouncing around the room. Not to mention the visuals on stage as well.

I was also contemplating for a while what to wear to the gig so put something together last minute which ended up working really well! I kept it simple and comfortable and not too layered up that I would get so hot in.

If you guys remember I've done a post a while back talking about how to dress for a gig and my tips on what to wear. So I wanted to recap that and let you guys into my thought process of a good gig attire.

Firstly I think it greatly depends on who you are going to see, you would probably dress differently if you went to a rock genre gig than to a R'N'B gig for instance. As I didn't know what type of music Little Dragon were, I decided to play it safe with an all black outfit. I opted for my leather jacket, my trusty side kick which I always end up taking with my to any type of show. This one is lightweight and wasn't that structured so it was perfect to wear and move around in. I opted for my go to skinny ripped jeans and a black loose vest top as I knew that if I get hot, I could easily take off my jacket and cool myself down quicker than wearing a long sleeve top. With jewellery I opted for my usual but not over accessorise, I didn't want to end up hurting someone in the crowd with my stacks of rings that I usually wear.

For the footwear, I opted for something with a small heel but still really comfy and hard wearing. My Zara boots were the perfect answer as I'm short, the little added height was perfect. I still couldn't see that well though but at least I wasn't stuck with a view of someones arm pit this time. Oh to finish it off, I took my mini pill box clutch as I only needed my cards and keys. Perfect little size for events like this!

Me and Tasha were also looked after by an O2 Angel at the gig. I never knew one existed and it was such a cool experience! Having someone there who worked at the venue giving us insight on the gig, the venue and the hospitality was great. Even gotten us a beer to start off the gig with! The O2 Angel also flutters by the people standing out waiting in the ques, handing out sweets, letting them know about the O2 app and O2 PRIORITY for O2 customers where you guys can get access to gig tickets 48 hours! You can do so by texting 'Priority' to 2020.

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