Indie gig outfit inspiration

Yanin Namasonthi17 Comments

Disclaimer: All items here were gifted by H&M

As part of my collaboration with H&M, for the second part I am bringing you a post which went down so well last time. It's dressing for an indie gig! You guys absolutely loved the last one and I had so much positive feed back that I thought it would be a good subject to touch on again and give you some tips!

Above, I've paired this really cute checkered baby doll dress. You definitely want to stick with something quite loose, baggy and comfortable as you don't want to be in something tight when you will be sweating a lot! This is something you can't really run away from when going to any gig so think about that when choosing an outfit.

For outerwear, I opted for this fluffy cardigan. Waiting in line will be a bit chilly so bring something lightweight but that's going to keep you warm. If you prefer to take it off inside then do so and leave it in the cloakroom. You may also however, wear it till the gig gets really warm then tied around your waist! Super handy! You could also get away with a leather jacket but make sure to wear something loose and breathable underneath.

Shoe wise, I went for a pair that is comfy. I would never recommend wearing a pair of heels to a gig unless it's on a pair of boots and really comfortable. You are going to be standing most of the time so don't put your feet in a misery. These boots give me a tiny bit of height but mostly to keep my feet warm and comfy. A plus is that you can pair them with other outfits too as they go with everything!

You can definitely wear each of the items in this post with other pieces too. The key to gig dressing is about pairing things correctly. Knowing what you are comfortable in and finding the perfect fit. You are there to listen to the music at the end of the day!