The bad ass sleeveless leather

Yanin Namasonthi28 Comments

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted to me

THISISDEADWOOD leather jacket* | Daniele Footwear boots* | Primark jeans* | 
LAMODA Necklace* | Zara t shirt | Topshop choker


Don't you just love a piece of clothing that makes you feel pretty bad ass? This sleeveless leather jacket really is one of those timeless pieces which was missing from my wardrobe until now.
I kept it really simple with an all black outfit but paired it with these faux snake print booties! I've featured these before it previous outfits with blue jeans but with a black pair it just makes it more crisp and clean. Added a statement necklace from LAMODA & that was it! Nothing too busy as I wanted to focus it mainly on the jacket & the boots.

Let me know what you guys think of the outfit below!