H&M Denim - Taking on HAIM

Yanin Namasonthi22 Comments

Disclaimer: All items in this post were gifted to me by H&M


My next collaboration with H&M is with their denim range. I wanted to focus this piece on a kick ass girl band 'HAIM' for some outfit inspiration! They style denim so well and their outfits are the epitome of the West coast style. From their gigs to going on tour, the girls always have a denim piece they are wearing and love to mix different shades. They are a huge fan of high waisted denim and the classic denim jackets with oversized vintage tees. I decided to mix these two elements together to create a double denim look.

Starting off with the oversized denim jacket, I went with a shade that is lighter than the jeans, to help contrast with the white t shirt. The cut and fit of this denim piece works so well and you could even layer underneath with a sweater or long sleeve! You can style it up or down and wear with other shades of denim too.

The white low v neck tee is also a fave for the girls, mixing it with a chunky silver chain necklace to add a little fun into the outfit and is perfect to wear from day to night. You don't want anything too outrageous as the focus is on the double denim combination.

Like I said before, the girls are a fan or high waisted denim so these mom jeans are perfect. Wear with loose waves and red lips and you could pass for being in the band! Not only are they a fan of mom jeans but also cut off DIY shorts and leather jackets. Pair them together and you can even create a great date outfit. The key to styling like HAIM and to keep it simple and minimal to create an effortless cali vibe. Bed hair is a go to and chunky black boots or converses are great to finish off outfits!