Spring palette

Yanin Namasonthi27 Comments

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted to me

H&M chunky sweater | Finders Keepers culottes | &OtherStories mules


I've been trying to transition into more lighter colours and lighter textures. Since I'm one for all dark colours, it's taken me a while to feel comfortable in this. To ease into it, I stuck with some faves of mine - culottes, mules and a chunky knit, but by just slowly changing the colour of them I felt that it was more wearable for me.

This chunky knit from H&M was actually a LFW bargain I picked up, H&M were having a seasonal knit sale and I got this beauty for only £10! Paired with a lighter pair of culottes it really brings out the colour. 

And these mules, the most beautiful thing ever is from &OtherStories. I saw it online and argued if I should get the these ones or black. I know I probably should of gotten the black but these were too incredible to pass up. They are perfect for spring & summer too. I'll be bringing these to LA with me of course!