The Hoxton Holborn

Yanin Namasonthi15 Comments

This post was sponsored by The Hoxton hotel.

So on Monday I popped down to the Hoxton hotel in Holborn as I had a shoot early the next day and didn't want to wake up early to travel into London. It was such a convenient place as my shoot was literally down the road from the Hotel and the location in general was great as you had so many cafes surrounding it.

So I arrived at 2pm (usual check in time) and headed straight up to my room to drop off mine & Oli's luggage. The staff are so friendly and helpful here, even gave Oli a map of where the nearest gym is from the hotel. Little things like that really do make a difference on how you perceive a place. We jotted up to floor 3 and entered into such a welcoming room. I've been to the Hoxton before for a shoot so didn't have a chance to stay but really wanted to come back due to the atmosphere and the decor of the place. 

The room was so spacious, all beautiful lit up with the mirror and the huge windows let in enough light so if I was filming a video - this would be perfect! I love that the Hoxton has a wooden floor too, makes everything more homey and rustic. I'm definitely taking some inspiration when I come to creating my own home. I love how the room also had a work station, some stationary and a coffee and tea making section. To me, this is a standard in all hotels but I've been to some where there wasn't any and charged you extra for a 'make your own' cup of coffee which I was not happy about! With your stay at the Hoxton, you also get bottles of water and a carton of milk in the fridge in the room which adds such a lovely touch. You also are treated to a cute breakfast bag in the morning if you like! Just fill in the spaces on the paper bag and hang outside your door! Ours came with a banana, orange juice and granola pot! Great if you have to leave early as well.

If you have never been to the UK or even the Hoxton area, there is also a mini booklet guide to let you know what the hotel has to offer, places to explore and eat. Perfect if you just want to wonder off and enjoy London at your own pace. 

As for the actual bed, it is definitely the most comfortable I've stayed in at a hotel. You literally sink in and I couldn't help but jump on straight away as I got in! You also have extra pillows and towels in the draw underneath your bed so you don't even have to call down to reception and ask! The bathroom was also lovely. The brick work was amazing and I seriously need this in my kitchen. I love how the shower was a black brick work and the rest of the bathroom was white. The contrast really makes it a great bathroom selfie background. Everything in this hotel to be honest is pretty instagramable!

I really highly recommend this hotel for visitors from outside the UK and within! Perfect for little staycations and hideouts! Let me know if you guys have been here before or would love to stay!