Braun #BREAKFREE breakfast!

Yanin Namasonthi7 Comments

 Photos were taken by Kris Atomic and Andrew Kendall for The Apartment

So a couple of days before I flew out to Thailand I attended the Braun breakfast with such fabulous ladies! It was at the Rosewood hotel in Holborn (one of my favourites) held in their Living Room. The scent of waffles, porridge and pastries quickly caught my attention and I couldn't help myself to the food on offer. So I obviously stuffed my face ready for the day ahead.

This breakfast was hosted in collaboration with their #Breakfree campaign; to be comfortable in your skin and what you're wearing no matter the situation. The essence of the campaign really caught my attention. To break free from everything that holds you back from making you feel confident and empowered. 

After breakfast we were given a shopping task with £100 to spend to piece together an outfit that showed off our legs and embrace our confidence. Most of us gals headed straight to Zara and I was done in a good 30mins even with some change to spare! It was over whelming though, when there's so much clothes and you're on a time limit! But to balance it out it made it more fun knowing that we were all doing it together and choosing an outfit that really defines and empowered us. We were also allowed to wear some of our own accessories so I just stuck with my trainers and sunglasses. Don't worry, an outfit post from that day will be up very soon so keep an eye out! 

I ended up choosing a tweed printed two piece. I just fell in love with the jacket and the print. The shorts fitted me perfectly too which really boosted my confidence as I can never find such flattering bottoms from Zara. We then rushed back to the hotel to prep ourselves, no make up artists, just us! Such a nice touch and it was really interesting to see the other girls prep for the shoot.

In the prepping section, we had the make up station, hair and a leg prep. Of course, we used the Silk-epil 9 epilator's exfoliation brush with a sugar scrub and some body oil. I was amaze at what it did to my legs! My legs legit got transformed into supermodel legs! (minus the length). The tone and colour of them looked so much better and I need to do it more for sure! With the leg prep over I dashed outside to shoot. The location was amazing and of course I had to shoot inside their rose gold corridor. I can't wait for you to see the photos! They should be up maybe tomorrow or the day after so keep an eye out! I just want to say thank you again Braun and The Apartment for letting me get involved with the campaign and for such a fun day! I would do it all over again for sure!


This post was sponsored by Braun.