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It's another segment of a day to night outfit! I really love doing these as I'm always on the go from meetings and straight to events! This time is in collaboration with

Urban Outfitters

and continue reading if you wanna see how I style a turtle from day to night...


So with this outfit, I opted for something really comfortable. For this outfit, the focus piece is the turtle neck. I'm in love with them and own a few so thought it would be a great focus piece to transition from day to night! I decided to pair the day outfit with some dungarees, these are really soft so it made my day really easy going and comfortable. This dark denim paired with a cream turtleneck  breaks up the colour palette perfectly! I just finished it off with an oversized tote bag which literally fits everything in! a cosy black and white scarf and a sterling lined pair or converses! Perfect for the colder weather!

Turtle neck • Dungarees • Converses • Marble iPhone case • Tote bag • Scarf


For this transition, I had a dinner to attend to so whipped off the dungarees and changed into a corduroy pinafore dress! It works perfectly with the cream turtle neck whilst keeping me cosy! I put on some tights too and added these chunky platforms for some extra height and to dress up the outfit a bit. I wasn't going to be up and about a lot so I didn't mind a pair of heels that were quite tall! Plus they were velvet platforms! Who could say no? To finish off this look I just added a basic black clutch to carry my bits and bobs in. Downsized from the tote from outfit 1!

Turtle neck • Platform heels • Pinafore dress • Tights

Photos taken with  Panasonic Lumix LX100

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