Customising my own Ray Bans!

fashionYanin Namasonthi9 Comments

Create your own pair!

Who wouldn't want their own customised pair of Ray Bans?! When I got asked to create my own pair I jumped at the chance! Ray Ban is such a timeless eye wear brand that everyone has grown up to love. To be able to put your own spin on a classic really is a treat that everyone can do! You can click here to create your own REMIX pair of Ray Bans - such a perfect christmas gift! The great thing is that you can choose from 14 different styles and then customise everything from the lens, the case right down to the material! I had so much fun creating my own pair and knew exactly what I wanted to it didn't take too long. They also arrived in such a cute box so you don't even need to gift wrap! Such a great little gift for someone who's got a holiday coming up or loves to travel! 

This post was kindly sponsored by Ray-Ban