Business casual

fashionYanin Namasonthi25 Comments

The Fifth dress

Finders Keepers coat

Public Desire boots

Bow choker

Photos by Misha Meghna

When you go from one meeting to another and have dinner plans, this is what you should throw on! I always debate what the heck to wear when I have a full packed day ahead of me. I don't want to be too stuffy otherwise I'll arrive as a sweaty mess. I don't want to be too casual just in case the place I end up at is pretty fancy so I try to balance both as well as I can! 

Start off with a little black dress, depending on your style and what you have planned for the day... I opted for this one, it's super comfortable, chic and minimal. Next pair it with a well tailored coat. Preferably a mute colour but feel free to throw in a colourful or a statement jacket of your choice. Now, finish with a pair of kick pass boots. These ones are amazing and from Public Desire! They are really comfy and made me feel bad ass! I love how Dior like they are and how my make my legs look. I love this combo when I can't think of anything else to wear and it really makes such an 'effortless chic' vibe when worn!