LFW catch up

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ASOS Bomber jacket

Cheap Monday jeans

Topshop  body

Celine trio

River Island boots

Photos by Callum at Girl in the lens

I had a pretty stress free LFW last week purely because I was emotionally exhausted and wasn't feeling like myself. That led to me only attending about 3-4 shows instead of my planned 15.  Since I ditched a lot of the shows, I decided to wander down to the Apartment and caught up with some old faces that I have seen in ages and made some new friends over food and coffee. 

I caught up with Natasha from Girl in the Lens and Ngoni from IAMNRC to see what was going on in their lives as it was about last August since I last saw the girls! Callum also hung out with us and took these lovely photos of us gals catching up. Thanks Callum!