Green machine

fashionYanin Namasonthi24 Comments

Zara bodysuit

Topshop Jeans

Perverse sunglasses

Zara shirt

Mango boots

Celine bag

So for our first day in LA I went for something super casual but chic as we had a meeting and then a coffee date afterwards. I wore out my western boots from Mango for the first time and they really weren't too bad to break them in. 

I also went for a body suit which I don't normally do and this one from Zara was super comfortable and fitted me really well. Completed the look with my safari shirt and these bad ass shades from Perverse sunglasses to match! I was really comfortable and didn't have to worry about the cold as the weather in LA at the moment is the perfect temperature! 

Keep an eye out for Leanne's outfit on her blog soon! 

Photos by Leanne Lim-Walker