Red accents

fashionYanin Namasonthi19 Comments

Silk Fred blouse

New Look jeans

ASOS heels

Dior Sunglasses

I really feel like this year, I've grown up in a lot of ways and that's had an effect on my style for sure. I thought I knew what my style was but I guess you are always in for a surprise. I've been loving more feminine tones, cuts and shapes lately. Something I had to adjust to for sure but really workable into my everyday wardrobe now. Been wearing a lot more colour and lighter tones lately too. Like this white flared sleeve blouse. It fits so well and is really flattering on a lady like me with a small chest. I'd love to find more of these blouses in different colours. Also these heels - such a beautiful and comfortable pop of colour to add to an outfit like this. Note to self... also need to get more in different colours. This is such a great outfit for a busy day in London. From meetings to brunches and even all the way into the evening with the girls for a drink!