How to dress like you have your shit together... (When you don't)

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When you wake up super early and not had much sleep and have to be somewhere important - your brain goes to mush when choosing the right outfit.


Here is my quick go-to trick when you have to dress like you have your shit together...(Even when you don't)

AllSaints tee

Vintage flannel Similar here

Saint Laurent bag

Ray Ban sunnies

ASOS heels 

Topshop jeans

AllSaints belt

First always have on hand a basic white tee and your fave pair of jeans. From this, you can layer pieces on that will camouflage a plain old outfit. Also if you have a preferred colour that will perk you right up, I suggest you go for that. Mine is red, it instantly gives me and my outfit a lift. I decided to throw on a flannel shirt. This oversized one is super cosy and still makes me feel like I'm in my pjs and is one of those 'lazy dressing' tricks. Of course, you can opt for a safari jacket, leather jacket or even a denim one. Whatever tickles your pickle. Next the footwear, I went for a comfy heel. I had a few meetings I had to go to and didn't have to walk from A to B for miles. A slight heel really makes you look like you're on your shit and ready to take on the day. These ones have an elastic fitting and are super comfy cause the heels are a block and doesn't have me stumbling everywhere. They also match the shirt - so that's a bonus! 

Last steps to completing this look is the eyewear. I normally opt for an oversized framed but since I wasn't hungover I just opted for these classic ray bans. Frames my face really well and the perfect accessory to hide any award eye contact when your people stalking on your way to a meeting. So a recap of the tips... 

1. Put together your base - normally a plain tee and your fave paid of jeans are a great go to

2. Layer on your jacket or overskirt with matching shoes. Shows that you've made an effort - when really you don't know what day you're on. 

3. Accessorise with some oversized frames and even an oversized bag if you need to! Stuff it full of breakfast and proteins bars so you're not hungry on the commute!

Hope you enjoyed this post! You could also apply these tips to dressing for uni as well!