How to dress like a child and get away with it...

fashionYanin Namasonthi18 Comments

Vintage dungarees

Brandy Melville tee

MDG jewellery necklace


I'm always up for wearing dungarees as they are super easy to style and wear all day. I wore this in LA whilst I went for breakfast at the Beverly Hills hotel - yes I did get some odd looks but I was so content with how comfy I was. I think the key to pulling off an outfit that you wore as a child is just pure confidence and also accessorising well. You should wear everything with your head held high and with the biggest smile. Thats the key in making any outfit go from 80% to 100%. 

It's definitely something I didn't get used to instantly but over time it has helped me wear whatever I want and ignore what other people may think. I get asked all the time how I am when wearing certain outfits and how I react when I get a negative response. The truth is, I really don't give a shit. If an outfit makes me feel good and happy then why sacrifice it for someone else's thought? At the end of the day, you should be able to wear whatever you want. Express yourself how ever you feel like it. So the key to wearing anything and getting away with it? Confidence! Now feel free to dig up those old photos and recreate some childhood outfits! 

Photos taken by Chelsea Cooper