Connecting with POP by Stella McCartney

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With Christmas coming up, it's time to reflect on the important things in life, family, friends. I'm so glad to be surrounded by family close and far and friends from here and across the pond. Unfortunately, this year will be a little different as my best friend is currently traveling around the world and I won't be seeing her until next year! I'm so happy and excited to see her grow though - into such an adventurous woman and taking everything by storm. Not having her here 5 minutes away from me is actually pretty difficult as we've been friends for 14 years. So to keep her 'near' me at times I wear the fragrance POP by Stella McCartney - it really reminds me of her! I remember growing up and getting ready to go out and we would share the same scent. Over the summer we both grew to love this new scent and bonded over it. Brings back such fun memories that we both made over the summer that I've even sent her the travel size bottle too so she can take it around the world! 

POP by Stella McCartney is such a fun, floral and adventurous scent. Every girl needs it in her perfume collection. I love how their ethos is all about women empowerment and being independent. Spraying some POP by Stella McCartney into your life to kick start the journey of finding yourself and coming into your own. Especially with Christmas coming up, why not add it to your wish list?! Share this buy now link with your loved ones to let them know what you want for Christmas! 

Do you guys have a scent that triggers a wonderful or adventurous memory? I'd love to hear them below! 

This post was in collaboration with Stella McCartney and Shopstyle