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Checked into the Slow in Canggu for the next 2 nights! This hotel was in a great location in Canggu, close to the beach, loads of boutiques and day spas as well. (I recommend the spring spa down the road - really chic and service was amazing!) I fell in love with the decor, aesthetic and vibe - this is how I would decorate my dream home! The staff were so accommodating and helped us get around & offered some recommendations for the area. I can't wait to be back later on this year! I recommend the pool suite if you can book it. Unfortunately we wasn't able to book that one as the hotel was fully booked but I had a sneak peak at Joel's room & it was a little piece of heaven! 


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The Lawn

We ended up arriving a bit later than planned so after we checked in we headed straight out for some food. We were recommended the Lawn down the road from the Slow. The food and cocktails were delicious that we ended going back on our last night too! I recommend the pork pizza, shrimp tacos and the summer rolls! It comes with the most amazing sauce! 

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We had an early start on our first morning in Bali. We were picked up at 8am to catch the boat to Lembongan island. This is definitely a must when visiting Bali! We visited the secret beach and the blue lagoon with Island Time Bali! Check these guys out for a personalised guide around the island.


The blue lagoon was incredible! I've never seen the sea this blue before. Unfortunately we didn't go in as this was on a cliff!


The Sand bar, Lembongan

Stopped by the Sand beach bar over looking the ocean and treated ourselves to a beer and played around with the puppies of the bar! Couldn't of ended the day better!

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Started the morning off at the Shady Shack! One of the go-to spots in Canggu. All the food on the menu is vegetarian, healthy and very instagramable! I ordered the big breakfast with a ginger zinger and a immunity shot which was much needed!


We then moved onto our second home of the trip - Villa Blanc. You guys would have seen this dream house on tumblr or on instagram for sure. It's actually a house/showroom which you can stay in & also purchase the furniture! I never thought Bali would be a destination for home decor and furniture but I would love to buy a place there just to furnish it! Here is there instagram if you guys want to check it out!

We spent the afternoon shooting some content, exploring the house, relaxing and settling in before heading out for the evening. 

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One of the places I knew I definitely had to cross off was Motel Mexicola! When I walked in it was pretty much one big fiesta! It was so vibrant, full of energy and the smell of the food was incredible! I would recommend the frozen margarita here and the fish tacos! Also a must if you are celebrating a birthday or a bachelorette/stag do!

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Another one on my list was the underground skate bowl and bar. Nothing better than watching guys skate in an empty swimming pool, sipping on Bintang (Bali bear) and dancing the night away to old school hip hop. We had so much fun here but they do close at 12pm! We ended up heading to a club in downtown Seminyak but will be heading back next time I'm in town!

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Headed to Ubud to explore! We ended up driving past some local fruit stalls so we stopped by, took some pictures and took in the local scenery! We were craving some bakso (pork noodle soup) as well so we stopped off on the side of the road mid journey to eat!


The Swing

I had no idea that there was more than one Bali swing so definitely do your research before going! The one we went to is called Uma Pakel. They usually have the same lay out where you do some Bali coffee tasting (which is usually free) and then you get a choice of going on the swing (payable fee). 

This was a moment of fear for me. I told the men pushing the swing to only swing me 3 times but once I did the first go - it was actually ok! I didn't have the balls to do the swing backwards though!

What you don't see on instagram - that you're actually strapped in by big belts and ropes. I've seen so many pictures where it looks like you're just on there by yourself but be warned! Those images were photoshopped! I was so confused before visiting as to how you don't fall off! 


There was also some extra photo ops at this location! Me and Isabel ended up in a birds nest over looking the fields and also on the look out point over the jungle! 


Rice Field

Down the road from the swing was the rice fields which is one of the main attractions in Bali. Fun fact, this isn't the actual rice field where the rice is harvested. Theres a giant one in another location where all the rice comes from. This one is just for the tourists to take photo! It is free to explore but down the paths of the fields are huts where you make donations if you want to keep heading on. Theres plenty of cafes and market stalls around it too as you're not secluded and don't have to bring drinks or snacks with you as you'll be hiking up and down the hills!



When you visit Bali, it's best if you have a driver for your trip or ask around for a local to help you get around! They aren't big on uber but do have a similar app called go jek. I only used it a few times when I couldn't get a taxi as I was in the middle of know where at Villa Blanc. Luckily, Isabel had a driver that she has been using for four years and he ended up being our photographer on our day in Ubud! His name is Ketut and he was the sweetest! I recommend messaging him if you are planning to visit Bali as he knows the best locations and times to visit the tourist places! His instagram is here.



Unfortunately thats all for this trip! It was very short and sweet but I'm already planning a trip back there for my birthday towards the end of the year! I will be sure to add more places to eat, things to do and see for you all! But I'm going to leave some other cafes I wanted to visit down below so you guys can check them out when you visit!

•Nalu bowls

•Watercress cafe

•Jungle fish

•La laguna

•Naughty Nuris

•Strawberry fields

•Milk & Madu