Champneys spa day!

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It's been while since I really took a day off and relax so a couple of weeks a go I decided to pop down to Champneys day spa with Oli's mum and did just that! We started off with a tour of the place (which is huge btw!) so we knew where to go when we had our appointments, to the locker rooms and of course where we were going to be having lunch. P.S I know I didn't take a lot of photos but I was just so zen through out the day!

We both ended up with having a full body exfoliation, pressotheraphy (as you can see in the 3rd photo), frigi thalgo bandage wrap, eye brow shape, pedicure and then a manicure to finish off. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the pressotheraphy which is the suit you have to be sealed in and then it compresses you up and down the body like when you get your blood pressure check up. Such a weird sensation at first but it was super relaxing afterwards. Oh & the lunch! How can I forget about the food? It was so delicious... I totally made the most out of the buffet and pretty much gave everything a try.  It was such a serene day that I left super relaxed and more clear headed to focus on the next few busy days I had coming. 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Champneys staff for making us feel great and relaxed during the day! Also they have a lot of spa resorts all over the UK so if you would like to try them out, just click here!

 I highly recommend it for couples or to go with your mum for some down time!


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So you guys know I love my matte lipsticks right? So you can imagine my excitement when YSL bought out another round of there mattes shades ready for Spring/Summer! (insert hands up emoji)

I thought I would share with you guys the shades and share why I love the lipsticks!

 So I received these gorgeous five shades. Two were nudes, one was more of a pink, another a red and one which was an incredible fuchsia colour. They are so perfect for Spring/Summer as I tend to dress in more earthy tones and wear a lot of khaki pieces. As I've shown above, all shades go so well with my khaki shirt! With the colours, I find that it compliments my skin tone really well and that the colour stays true to itself even after application on the lips. With the lipsticks being so creamy, it just glides right on and if you make a mistake, correcting it with a cotton bud is super easy as it doesn't stain the minute you apply it. I just love how wearable the shades are!

What I love about these mattes are even though it is a matte lipstick - it's still hydrating and doesn't dry out the lips. I actually ended up wearing the shade '218' out for a day of exploring museums and it really did stay on till dinner when I decided to change it up for a more fun look. I ended up wearing shade '215' to dinner! I also love how subtle and rich the shades are. I'm not a huge fan on shades which will make me look like a doll but these blend in so well with my natural lip colour - it's a perfect custom shade for each person. I can't wait to wear '214', '216' and '217' out for date night. It's not too over powering and would be great to create a romantic make up look with.




  These lipsticks are such a great addition to my lipstick collection and one that is super nourishing that I don't have to worry about topping up with lip balm during the day. 

I'm looking forward to creating more looks with these shades and can't wait to keep you guys updated on what I do end up creating. Keep an eye out for sure! You can also get your hands on one (or two!) by clicking HERE

This post was in collaboration with YSL beauty

DryBy London

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Photos taken on the Panasonic Lumix LX100

I finally got the chance to experience DRYBY London! After hearing so many positive words on this beauty salon I was lucky enough to try out one of their services and I left very impressed! First off, the decor was amazing. Totally up my alley and I'm lusting for all the custom furniture in the salon. Especially all the nail polish storage which is such a great idea for my own home in the future.

So I opted for the Philip B head and scalp facial as my scalp was getting dry due to the cold weather. I didn't know what I was really going in for but was surprised with the technique used and the products. First of all, the products that were used on me smelled incredible. I've never tried Philip B's hair care range before and it was such a treat! My favourite used was the peppermint and avocado shampoo! It definitely tingled my scalp (in a good way!) and I could tell after the treatment that my scalp was so much better! It didn't have any flakes, no redness or signs or irritation and smells so nice! I highly recommend this to any one suffering from any scalp issues! My scalp still looks and feels great now even after a few days of the treatment.

Thank you so much again DRYBY London for the service! I will definitely be back - especially for the nail services! You can check out more info on the salon here.

My make up storage!

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Glamour Living make up cube

So as you guys may have seen on my instagram and snapchat, I've been obsessed with my new make up storage! I've waited years for a Kim K inspired make up cube and I finally found a great company that does them! I spent my afternoon organising my make up and for someone who was never into 'beauty' I'm starting to get more enjoyment out of it and wanted some place to keep my make up tidy. With out this cube before - my make up was all over the floor and in the bathroom. This beautiful cube is from Glamour Living. A company actually based in the UK! Everything is handmade here and the quality is insane!

On the site there are 3 choices of sizes to accommodate how much make up you have. I know I didn't have as much as a usual beauty blogger but I decided to go for the biggest size so that I would have space to fill it up over the next few years. When it arrived it came in a huge ass box and I thought that I wasn't going to be able to fit it in my room but thank god it was just padded up! With these vibes being made of acrylic Plexiglass, you have to be extra careful when unwrapping it and placing on the surface. I treated this cube like it was my child and did not want anyone to touch it besides myself - starting to be a crazy make up lady now.  I just love how classic, minimal and organised everything is! It also comes with dividers as you can see above which makes life so much easier. I've actually just ordered more dividers to separate more items in the draws too.

I've also got the brush holder - which I've turned half into what it's actually meant to be for and the other half I'm storing all my lip liners in. I thought it was a pretty good idea as I didn't have as much brushes as I though. Also the same for my make up collection. By organising everything I thought I had way more but surprising myself I've only filled up about 1/3 of the cube! This excites me though - I've been buying more make up to fill in and play around with so look out for a beauty haul coming soon!

So if you are looking for a minimal way to store all of your beauty bits (maybe even jewellery too) then definitely check out Glamour Living! Other than cubes there are also perfume trays and lipstick storage! Also get 10% off with my code

'YNGLAM' at check out! No expiry date!

Disclaimer - This post was not sponsored by Glamour Living but they were so lovely & provided me with a discount code to purchase the cube!

Urban Decay X World Duty Free event

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So last Thursday I was invited down to Heathrow T5 (my favourite terminal) to the launch of the Urban Decay counter opening! It was such a fun morning and a different kind of event! Having it be at the airport, I had to of course bring my passport but turning up with no luggage was really strange! Really wanted to buy a spontaneous ticket to somewhere for sure!

After going through security, we headed to World Duty Free and straight to where the new Urban Decay counter was. We were greeted with champagne and purple glitter cup cakes! Such a warm welcome! Then we had a quick little make over with the new NAKED Smoky palette. I've been seeing the palette on Hey Claire's snapchat and have been wanting to get my hands on it ever since! We played around with my favourite shade 'whisky' which is a perfect dark brown. I'm more of a brown eye kinda girl so I stayed away from the super dark blues and stuck with a lighter brown shade with some shimmer champagne colours. Something light and wearable during the day. Finished it off with '1993' nude matte lipstick which is now my favourite lip shade from UD. 

Not long after, a skin consultation at Kielh's was on the agenda and I discovered that my skin was on the oily side! I have sensitive skin but thats all that I thought I had! I was recommended some products and given some amazing full sized and sample size creams to try out and so far I'm really loving the facial cream. After, we headed to Gordon Ramsey's 'Plane Food' restaurant and I ended up ordering the baked sea bass. Of course it was yummy! Will definitely stop by again when I next go through T5!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you again to World Duty Free for putting together this experience - it was surreal and totally different from any other event I went to! Also thank you for all my wonderful goodies!