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I know I've answered this question a few times but wanted to share with you how I turned documenting my outfits into a career. I want to do more blog posts like this in the future so please feel free to write blog topic ideas in the comments section below!


How did I get started? 

I started 8 years ago on tumblr - good old days! When blogging wasn't taken seriously and nobody knew how big of an industry it would get to. Instead of waking up super early to get ready for college I decided to store my outfits onto my imac. This was just taking photos on the photobooth and posting it on tumblr so I could have my outfits there ready for me to choose in the morning. Totally stole the ideas from clueless!


I started off on tumblr about 8 years ago


One morning I woke up & checked my tumblr account to found that my outfits were being reblogged like hot cakes and I was getting messages asking if I could post more. Long story short, I did so and become your go-to girl for styling advice. I was helping girls with what to wear to prom, birthday parties and events. I guess it was like having a virtual stylist on hand!


From there I decided to move onto a proper blogging platform. I started doing things more professionally, creating content everyday and started my youtube channel for those who wanted to hear my voice. Another personal connection in the form of video helped me grow a lot and I think a lot of new content creators and now seeing that also! My blog grew from a community of girls who were figuring out there style and I was happy to help. I then started to get approached by brands that lead to collaborations and started earning a living from it. Blogging has given me such a wide insight in the fashion industry and I'm incredibly grateful for the position I'm in now. You can definitely be in the fashion industry not having studied it at all. You have the option of making your own rules and be your own boss - thats my favourite part of the job. So in this post I wanted to share some tips with you guys for creating an authentic blog or if you are thinking of starting a blog yourself!


Tip #1 - Don't wait for the knowledge, go out and get it!

If you have a question about something say photography, ask a friend or google! I've learned 85% of what I know now from googling everything and figuring it all out by myself. Thats how I like to work and grow too. I think with maintaining and growing a following is knowing what works best for you. I love when me and my blogger friends come together to discuss ideas, share with each other and help each other grow. Theres nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. I also find that researching things myself actually pays off more in the long run as you learn how you work and network independantly.


Tip #2 - Grow at your own pace

Don't be so caught up in the numbers game. As long as you are creating authentic content  then you don't need to worry. Engage with your readers and build a steady and strong community. I hold my hand up that I was caught up with it all when instagram changed the algorithm but trust me, its worth more being yourself than jumping on any 'trends' that you think will boost your following eg. international giveaways - the followers will only follow you till the giveaway is over and then will unfollow you. Then you're back to square one!


Tip #3 - You don't need fancy equiptment to start

For the past 7 years people always ask me what equipment I used and the answer was my iPhone! I still edit on my phone too and only edit a few posts on my laptop. When I started I used the iMac photo booth. Just make the most of what you have around you and thats all you need! I also still edit my videos on iMovie cause I have no idea how to use final cut pro. I mean now I've just finally invested in a professional camera but I'm in my 7th year guys. So don't feel the need to have the top of the range technology to start anything! I will do a post on what equipment I use and what apps I use to edit my content very soon so keep an eye out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick insight on my journey and that the tips are helpful too! Please feel free to leave some topics down below that you would like me to write a post on. Thanks for reading guys!