In love with London all over again

Yanin Namasonthi1 Comment
So today was my shoot with Walnut Wax and it couldnt of gone anymore rad!! We went around west
London like portabello and notting hill way to shoot and had kick ass fun along the way of our adventure. I then met up with Umps and we headed to Carnaby street to shop. We visited supreme, size?, cheap monday, monki and every other store in site! I also rewarded myself today with purchases from cheap monday, johnny cupcake and beyond retro. And I didn't spend much £££ either! Which was a bonus! Totally love going to shops and getting free little cards and sweets too :) Today was so lovely and the weather was perfect! Couldn't ask for a better day! (Well, if only Oliver was there) But yeh, I love London again and Im hoping to go back next thursday for some more shoots! I'll post the photos of the shoot today in another post when they have downloaded! :)

Cheap monday sale is heaven!
Beyond retro purchase, lace nighty dress

Johnny Cupcake beanie, £5