Yanin Namasonthi8 Comments
I've always been a little obsessed with the colour 'oxblood'. I think its my love for horror and twisted beauty that leads me to the colour staple.  I also went and got another MAC lipstick to add to my collection. With no guess at all, it was dark red, FILM NOIR to be exact. In love deeply with this shade too. 

Once I saw this dress I had to put back the basic muscle tee and immediately went to pay for it without trying it on, by far, pretty good decision. It fits like a glove but weirdly i only live about 80% of this dress. I've no idea why. Maybe I'll love it the extra 20% when my leather jacket comes from (somewhere) in asia. Anyways, I'll probably be wearing this out tomorrow. With my converses, zara bag and maybe my boyfriends XL american apparel hoodie which looks like a coat on me. Any who, I'll post my outfit tomorrow.