Vidakush X Termite Eyewear

Yanin Namasonthi19 Comments

Eye ring - VK | Band ring - VK | Buddha ring - VD | VK name necklace [customisable] - VK 
 Wooden sunnies - Termite


So this post is all about accessories. I wanted to introduce you guys to 2 brands that I've been loving for quite a while now. 

First one is TERMITE eyewear. I was introduce to them not long ago and I love the fact that it's pretty much made out of wood. Hence the brand name. I love how the lens go slightly out of the frame too. If you're looking for a pair that is a play on the John Lennon circle sunnies then these are perfect. The wood really gives it a slight edge while making them really comfy to wear!

The next is VIDAKUSH. Literally been loving them for so long since I stumbled upon them via instagram. Their midi rings, name necklaces [which I'm wearing in the photo] and chokers are really rad. They also came in a little sea shell box which made my heart skip a beat since I'm a sucker for packaging. I went for the chunky gold band rings, eye ring and the buddha to dress up my hand. Ofcourse the name ring too, I went with VIDAKUSH to really rep the brand.

Check them out guys if you haven't already! They have been added to my fave accessories brand for sure!