Cute & clueless

Yanin Namasonthi24 Comments

Disclaimer: Products marked with * were gifted

Lily Lulu skirt* | Topshop sweater* | Topshop clutch* | Chloe dupe boots* (original here)


Something about this outfit just reminds me of clueless. Maybe it's the cuteness of it all and this shade of pink. I felt really feminine in this outfit so decided to throw on this sweater to toughen it up a bit and chose these boots over heels. Mixing this colour palette with the light pink and the dark blue, just created such a winning outfit. This outfit is also ideal to wear on a date or lunch with your BFF.  Really can't get enough of this skirt and faux fur clutch. I think I want another one, what's up with me and clutches lately?!