Re-writing the style rules with River Island

fashionYanin Namasonthi6 Comments

I can finally share with you my new campaign with River Island! This campaign is all about breaking the style rules and mine was breaking the barrier between smart and casual.

 I wanted to take something that is on the end of each spectrum and pair them together to create an outfit that you can wear to a meeting then straight out to dinner. Who other to take inspiration from than Rhianna - the queen of smart casual. I love how she can create such a bold look when she mixes casual and smart pieces together. You know how I love to create outfits that are fun and mix matching pieces - breaking he barrier between traditional styling and creativity so this was the perfect fit! 

My motto has always been wear whatever the f**k you want and own it. You shouldn't care what others think about you or what you're wearing so just do it. Style is a way of expressing yourself in a personal and creative way! To view more of the campaign click here.

This post was in collaboration with River Island.