DryBy London

beautyYanin Namasonthi9 Comments

Photos taken on the Panasonic Lumix LX100

I finally got the chance to experience DRYBY London! After hearing so many positive words on this beauty salon I was lucky enough to try out one of their services and I left very impressed! First off, the decor was amazing. Totally up my alley and I'm lusting for all the custom furniture in the salon. Especially all the nail polish storage which is such a great idea for my own home in the future.

So I opted for the Philip B head and scalp facial as my scalp was getting dry due to the cold weather. I didn't know what I was really going in for but was surprised with the technique used and the products. First of all, the products that were used on me smelled incredible. I've never tried Philip B's hair care range before and it was such a treat! My favourite used was the peppermint and avocado shampoo! It definitely tingled my scalp (in a good way!) and I could tell after the treatment that my scalp was so much better! It didn't have any flakes, no redness or signs or irritation and smells so nice! I highly recommend this to any one suffering from any scalp issues! My scalp still looks and feels great now even after a few days of the treatment.

Thank you so much again DRYBY London for the service! I will definitely be back - especially for the nail services! You can check out more info on the salon here.